"A man like you can never know love."
Her eyes were like two stars in the blanket of night, guiding me into a world I thought forever lost to me. Love, happiness, peace. Once these words were alien to me, thoughts unreachable as I moved from job to job, losing little pieces of my soul, a life at a time.
She became everything to me, my reason to live. Her love forced me to reflect upon myself. To search deep into my cold heart and find that spark of humanity that still glowed softly within. It was upon those lips that I found peace and happiness, and in those eyes that I found myself.
What was I? What had I become? How did I evolve into this monster? These questions haunted me like a thousand ghosts as I drove to her place. I knew she was having a quite little party, and what better place to renounce my role in death, and ask her to join me in life....forever.
The truth hit me cold and hard, a frozen dagger in my heart. I watched as she danced with her boy toy, laughing and flirting, all at my expense. She had played me like a pain flute, and now the orchestra of anger that was building up inside me demanded audience.
I pulled up scope with a single fluid motion, her little boyfriend standing his ground. Joe Cool's eyes met with mine for a single brief second. The iceberg melted. He could see his very life flashing before MY eyes, and he did what they all did............................He ran.
My jealousy sounded out like thunder, a booming clap of vengence that stopped the sprinter in his tracks. He had no time for regrets, no moments of remorse. It happen so fast that the last thing that went through his mind...................was my .50 cal slug.
I pulled up bead on my bride-to-be. With a defiant stare she threw me the same awkward gang signs that her dearly departed was notorious for. I wavered.  Those eyes. I couldn't pull the trigger, and she knew it.
We ended up going for a little drive. Her apologies and regrets flew by as quickly as the passing telephone poles. She told me that love couldn't last forever.
But I knew she was wrong. I told her that love could last forever.......
If properly sealed and contained....
Whoever said that a man like me could never know love.........

                                      Knew me pretty damn well.

                        From the highest moutain, to the deepest sea..


                                   It's my world.