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  1. All other questions can be directed to roadrunner@gameplayersanonymous.com

How do I attend a GPA LAN-Party?

GPA attendance is limited to 30-35 people.  Members get first dibs on "Open Slots."

You must first register on our website to be able to come. Register through the forums page, then go to the Gaming Calendar and select the day(s) you wish to come and move the scale accordingly.

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When do you guys game?

We have a small gaming party on EVERY Wednesday at 7PM until Midnight ($5).

We have our LARGE gaming on EVERY 4th Saturday of the month, starting at Noon and going until early Sunday Morning. This is when the freebies are given away. Throughout the day/night we may also have various small tournaments (the forum will tell you more) ($10).

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Where can I find GPA?

At a facility built with our own blood, sweat, and tears. Check our map for directions and address. There is also a phone # to call in case you get lost.

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How much does it cost to attend? 

Non Members: Wednesday LAN Parties are $5 
Non Members: Saturday LAN Parties are $10 

Members: Wednesday LAN Parties are $2
Members: Monthly dues of $10

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Can I become a member?

Only 20 people are allowed to become members of GPA. Every quarter the membership is looked at. If someone is behind on dues, or if membership is not filled, a vote will take place for new members. You must have also met the requirements of attending at least 3 LAN events.

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What do I need to bring ?

  • Computer (See Computer Hardware)
  • Monitor (monitors are supplied to MEMBERS ONLY)
  • Headphones (with microphone if you wish to join in on a voice session)
  • Mouse & Keyboard
  • Joystick or Game pad (if you use one)
  • Entry Fee
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What don't I need to bring ?

  • Speakers (Use head phones, the other players don't need to know when you get fraged)
  • CAT 6 Cable (Network Cable)
  • Surge Protector *
  • Power Cables *

*You may bring these if you would like.

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Do you have a check list for me before I come ?


  • Scan your computer for virus's
  • Make sure you have TCP/IP Installed
  • And that your IP Setting are set to Obtain Automatically (We have a DHCP Server) 
  • Make sure you have IPX Installed
  • Make sure your games are installed and working the way you like them to.
  • Patch your games and update your drivers. (We will have most game patches for your games)
  • You should also defrag your hard drive(s) 
  • There will be people there to help if you need it
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What about my computer, will it work ?

  • Do you have a network card?
  • Can you play newer games?

Recommend Minimum (This is just a guide line)

  • 2 Ghz (P4 or 2400+ and above)
  • 512 MB of ram
  • 3 Gig free hard disk space (With all games installed)
  • Nvidia 5600 or ATI 9600 and above

Check out some of the members pages to see what kind of computers GPA uses.

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Do I have to pay just to watch?

No, and you may stay as long as you like providing you are not causing a disturbance.

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I have a friend, he wants to come play too..

He must register also, and it depends on "open slots."

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I get hungry! Is there food?

Bring what you wish. Other members will order from various restaurant i.e. Chinese, Pizza, Subway, trip to BK, Tim Horton's, etc.

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What Games do you play?

Hmmm, that's a though question. As the games we play range from RPG's to FPS's (mostly FPS's). The games page will give a good idea at what we may be playing.

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How can I talk to some of the members of GPA?

Sure, if a member has their e-mail listed, you could e-mail them. 

We also have a forum, post a message. 

Or visit the contacts page to email the Board Members.

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I don't know how to Install, Setup, Patch...

That's not a question... Send the president an e-mail at roadrunner@gameplayersanonymous.com, before you come and he will help you out. And remember that any number of people will be willing to help you out when you get there...just ask.

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